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Criminal charges related to domestic violence are serious and should not be taken lightly. If you’re scheduled to go on trial for Domestic Violence in Lakewood, Colorado there can long lasting repercussions.

Intimate relationships are not always picture perfect and sometimes we find ourselves in situations where our partner may be abusive. The Colorado definition of domestic violence includes any act or threatened act of violence upon a past or present, intimate relationship partner, but can also include other crimes against property (like assault), animals (such as dog fighting); even internet-based abuse like cyber-stalking!

There are many things to be aware of if you find yourself charged with domestic violence in Lakewood, Colorado. Since this state has mandatory arrest laws for police officers and medical professionals who come across evidence that would indicate possible abuse by someone else (i e: injuries), it’s important not only know your rights but also take care when exercising them.

If you are arrested due to probable cause that you may have committed domestic violence, you can be temporarily jailed until your hearing before being released on bail with certain conditions attached like no contact whatsoever between abuser and victim(s). Additionally, there’s also a mandatory protection order that goes into effect after the arrest to keep all everyone involved from contacting each other.


You need a lawyer who understands the legal process and can help you navigate all of these complicated charges. Our team has successfully navigated clients through similar cases in order to achieve favorable outcomes without any time behind bars, loss or stigma attached.

Here at Martin Conti Law, we help our clients feel heard & supported during this process while also providing high quality legal expertise dedicated ensuring their rights protected throughout every aspect. We know these situations are incredibly difficult and tumultuous to navigate, which is why our dedicated team of criminal defense lawyers will always put your best interests first. We have an extensive background in handling cases like this one that involve violence without any actual blows being exchanged between two people who were once happily married but now struggle with emotional issues as well as physical ones due to their abandonment or removal from the family unit (i..e., divorce).

The foundation of Martin Conti Law has always been commitment, integrity, and compassion. We are dedicated to our clients’ well-being by working hard on their behalf while understanding that no two cases or individuals involve exactly the same situation – which makes every case unique in its own way! Matthew Martin & Shawn both bring years’ worth experience as Deputy District Attorneys which gives them insight into how law enforcement handles these matters; they’ll use this knowledge alongside what you tell us when we talk through your options available together with regards future planning & outcomes suitable for all involved parties.

We know that our clients want a team who will always have their back and be there for them. We don’t just try to win cases; we build relationships with you so your voice can be heard in how we handle things from here on out!

Our goal at Martin Conti Law is simple: To provide excellent service by listening closely-which may mean meeting outside normal business hours or coming into work weekends if needed–to what matters most about YOUR life; not ours.

Crimes of domestic violence are serious charges that can have lifelong consequences. If you’re in Lakewood, Colorado there’s no better place to hire than our office because we offer the skills needed for victory at trial or mediation with decades of experience that will get results on your behalf! We’ll fight hard so long as necessary until all options are exhausted – including going up against any powerful opponent who tries their best not just around courts but also inside them if necessary.

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