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Defend Your Rights

Under the U.S. Constitution and Colorado law, you have a number of inalienable rights.

Our constitutional laws protect people from discrimination based on race, disability, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, or other deeply held beliefs or unchangeable factors. The law forbids employers or government agencies from treating you unfairly based on these aspects.

Law enforcement agencies also may not use excessive force against you, nor may anyone discriminate against you in a prison setting.

Yet, people sometimes still violate other’s rights. If you’ve experienced a form of discrimination, getting a civil rights law attorney can help you protect your rights and get any reparations you deserve.

Why Hire a Civil Rights Law Attorney?

Your rights are valuable. Your right to be who you are, with your full set of beliefs and opinions, is an intrinsic part of being an American.

Experiencing discrimination based on your identity or beliefs hurts. It can also have profound consequences, such as a lack of employment.

That’s why hiring a civil rights case lawyer can be great for you. We’ll help you protect your civil rights and get the justice you deserve.

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Excessive Force

Have you had a violent encounter with the Pueblo police or the Pueblo Sheriff’s Department?

Officers are supposed to keep law and order. They’re allowed to take certain actions to protect the public, but sometimes, they go too far and use excessive force.

If you believe you’ve been a victim of an officer’s excessive force, call Martin Conti Law. We can help you make things right.

The 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees people the right to freedom of religion, assembly, expression, and petition.

Under the law, you have the right to peacefully practice your beliefs and voice your opinions. If your 1st Amendment rights have been violated, it’s time to book a legal consultation.

Learn more about your Constitutional rights.

Prisoner's Rights

Prisoners also have rights. Although they are not granted full constitutional rights, they also have freedom of expression and religion.

In addition, no one may use cruel or unusual force against them, nor may they discriminate against them because of their sex, race, or religion.

The 8th Amendment to the US Constitution requires prison and jail officials to provide prisoners with adequate medical care, regardless of whether the medical care is provided by governmental employees or by private medical staff under contract with the government.

Unfortunately, medical negligence is insufficient to sue prison and jail officials for inadequate medical care.

To win on a constitutional claim of inadequate medical care, prisoners must show that jail or prison officials treated them with “deliberate indifference to serious medical needs.”

Deliberate indifference is a reckless disregard of a substantial risk of harm to the prisoner, and that’s a much higher standard than medical negligence that applies in cases brought by non-prisoners.

The deliberate indifference, or recklessness, standard requires that the official knows of and disregards an excessive risk of harm to the prisoner.

Also, the injury must be serious when looked at objectively and subjectively.

If you or a family member are a prisoner and have experienced mistreatment at the hands of anyone while in the prison system, let us know.

We believe our legal system should work properly and will fight for the rights of mistreated prisoners.

What is a Civil Right?

Ballentine’s Law Dictionary defines the term “civil rights,” in the way the term is most often used, as “the enjoyment of the guaranties contained in constitutional or statutory provisions designed to prevent discrimination in the treatment of a person by reason of his race, color, religion, or previous condition of servitude.”

An example of a constitutional provision creating a civil right is the 14th Amendment guaranteeing the equal protection of the laws.

An example of legislation guaranteeing civil rights is The Civil Rights Act of 1964, which, among other things, banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

Who Can Be Sued For A Violation of a Civil Right?

A civil right can be violated by a government entity under certain circumstances (except a state, which is immune from such liability by the 11th Amendment to the US Constitution) or a governmental employee.

Some governmental employees are immune from being sued. 

For example, a judge performing a judicial act within their jurisdiction is absolutely immune from being sued.

Other governmental employees enjoy what’s known as “qualified immunity.” However, the State of Colorado passed a law in 2020, Senate Bill 217, eliminating qualified immunity as a defense in a civil action against governmental employees.

Qualified immunity is still a defense to a civil action under federal law against governmental employees.

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