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If you’ve been charged with a crime related to domestic violence in Boulder, Colorado, it is all too easy to make a mistake that creates life-long repercussions. That’s why it’s so important to get representation from highly skilled legal professionals with years of experience advocating for their clients both in and out of court. 

At Martin Conti Law we make sure that our clients understand the scope of how every possible outcome might impact their lives while fighting for the best-case scenario. are well informed of all possible outcomes while fighting for the best-case scenario. Every situation is different, and you need attorneys who are dedicated to hearing your story and advocating for your rights. We are dedicated to making sure our clients feel heard and supported, while providing high quality legal expertise.

Under Colorado law, domestic violence is any act or threatened act against a person that you currently or formerly had an intimate relationship with. While domestic violence isn’t technically a crime in itself, it This can also include other crimes, like targeting someone, their property (including animals) or cyber-stalking. It doesn’t matter much if your partner or ex-partner was physically harmed, you can be charged for causing them emotional suffering too.

If you find yourself charged with crimes related to domestic violence in the Boulder area there are a few things that you should prepare for, including:

  • Since Colorado is a Mandatory Arrest State, if law enforcement is called to investigate a domestic dispute, then they have to make an arrest if there’s enough probable cause (which can mean that you could be in jail until your court date)
  • If someone seeks medical treatment with injuries that seem to have occurred from domestic violence, medical professionals are legally required to report their suspicions
  • After a domestic dispute a mandatory protection order is put into place to prevent contact between the accused and the accuser


When it comes to handling delicate cases such as these, securing representation with plenty of experience handling matters like this is crucial. Especially when you take into account how many possible outcomes you could get depending on what actually occurred.

Here at Martin Conti Law, our attorneys provide every client with the resources and compassion they need to help them advocate for themselves during an already difficult time. We take the time to guide each and every one of our clients through a personalized process to put your best interests and future first.

So, if you or a loved one find yourselves facing domestic violence charges in Boulder, Colorado, call the attorneys at Martin Conti Law today.

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