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If you’ve been charged with Domestic Violence in the La Junta, Colorado area, there can be serious and lasting repercussions. This is why it is so important to employ a lawyer that is knowledgeable in this area so you have the best representation possible. We make sure that our clients are well informed of all possible outcomes while fighting for the best-case scenario. No two cases are the same, and you should never settle for an attorney who won’t take into consideration your unique needs and situation. Martin Conti Law has an impressive track record in Criminal Defense and Domestic Violence in La Junta and offers unparalleled client care.

Colorado defines domestic violence as an act or threatened act of violence upon a person with whom the actor is or has been involved in an intimate relationship. This can also include other crimes against a person, property, or even animal. If you are charged with domestic violence in La Junta, Colorado, there are a few things that you should be prepared for:

  • When law enforcement is called, they are required to make an arrest if there is probable cause
  • If a person pursues medical treatment following a dispute, medical professionals are required by law to report the case to the police if they suspect that the injury is the result of domestic violence
  • A domestic violence restraining order will be issued, meaning the accused will have no contact with the accuser
  • The accused will be held in jail until he or she appears before a judge for setting of a bond and issuance of a Mandatory Protection Order

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It is essential for your case and your future, that if charged, you immediately request an attorney to advocate for your rights. At Martin Conti Law, we have the experience to guide you through this tumultuous time, and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.

In Colorado, domestic violence charges can result in jail time, permanent loss of gun rights, high probation supervision fees, classes and counseling, permanent disqualification from working certain types of jobs, and may negatively affect your ability to rent a home or apartment. We are there to guide you through every step of this process; from modifying protection orders, advocating for dismissal, and negotiating dispositions to protect your career. If necessary, we are prepared to take your case to trial in front of a jury. The attorneys at Martin Conti Law are experienced trial attorneys that will advocate for you, your career, and your reputation.

Unfortunately, there are cases where police become involved without any physical violence. These cases can be the result of an angry or hurt partner, or even misunderstandings. On occasion, we see domestic violence accusations in order for partners to gain leverage in an impending divorce or custody battle, or as a means to hurt or damage the accused. Domestic violence cases often stem from an incredibly emotional situation. We are dedicated to listening to your story with patience and empathy, and will always advocate for our clients, no matter the situation.

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The foundation of Martin Conti Law has always been a commitment to advocacy and trial skills, embracing cutting edge technology, and offering the best customer service. We are dedicated to our clients, and are determined to find creative solutions that benefit their cases. Both Attorneys Matthew Martin and Shawn Conti have experience as Deputy District Attorneys in La Junta, Colorado which has provided them with invaluable knowledge about how prosecution attorneys and law enforcement think. This also means that they’ve been able to build relationships with people that will be involved in all levels of our client’s cases. During a domestic violence case, you need attorneys that are both committed to fighting for their clients, while also being able to care for and listen to their concerns. We are those attorneys. We frequently meet with our clients on weekends and in their homes so we can get to know their stories. We give each client our cell number and make ourselves available to answer questions about their case, or to offer emotional support during a difficult time. We develop friendships with our clients and are there for them every step of the way.

The lawyers at Martin Conti Law are experts in navigating the difficult and often emotional situations that arise during a domestic violence case. We have decades of experience working with the court system in La Junta and have spent time building professional relationships with the law enforcement and legal community, so that we can better advocate for our clients. When you hire Martin Conti Law, you hire attorneys who are dedicated to their clients and their futures, and who will always fight to make sure their voice is heard, and their futures are protected. If you’ve been chargedwith Domestic Violence in La Junta, Colorado, call our office today to learn how we can guide you and protect your future.

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“When you have one of the best, you have public officials tell you that you attorney is ‘bad ass’. It is then that you know that you have best.”

We very seldom have the opportunity to thank those who have impacted our lives. When someone gives you a “second chance” that person will forever be a part of your future.
Virginia ChaconClient
Virginia Chacon
He shows great competence and skill in his client/court interactions, and does not hesitate to ensure all matters are addressed thoroughly. His ethical conduct is above reproach, and he is well regarded by his colleagues.
John LuceroClient
John Lucero
The case went to trial and the jury ruled not guilty on all charges. Thank you very much, Matt Martin!
Jim BishopClient
I was able to get resolve and the city realized it was violating my civil rights. All this would not have been possible without Matt’s knowledge in civil rights and his expertise with the justice system.
Janet W.Client
Mr. Martin did the hard work necessary to prove that the managed care contract was vague and confusing and ultimately we prevailed in court. Many other attorneys would not have touched this case. Mr. Martin won it.
Tano E. Welch D.CA & A Chiropractic Center, LLC
Matt, you are an honest, caring and professional attorney. You have been my family attorney for over 25 years and I can’t thank you enough for your help.
Alan NelmsClient

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